Read? Set? Go! Typewriter Intervention

is an project where we are accepting and typewriting people's "call for action" quotes as the design for postcards. We will send them directly to the anti-immigrant state capital in the U.S. that the participants have chosen. This intervention focuses on creating a platform for people to speak against the recent immigration decisions in the U.S., and to protest in an anonymous way for people who do not feel comfortable protesting physically due to risks. Some of the postcards will be included in the Kit, as a tool for students to protest anonymously at any time. This project references public official notaries in Mexico City. They assist people who are illiterate to fill out official government forms. Other public desks are used to write letters to love ones. Most public notaries and desk use typewriters.

margarita typing3.jpg
ximena earase history copy.jpg
ricardo typing6.jpg
ricardo paragraph3.jpg

This is our first collaboration! We are happy we got the chance to work with Instituto Grafico de Chicago at the National Museum of Mexican Art's Tiangis. People first typewrote their postcards then ran them through the IGC's press.