Survival Kit

is a utilitarian artists book/kit for undocumented students that contains several resources and tools to help them through college. This is especially important due to the “overnight” changing laws of immigration reform like, specifically in regards to this project, Deferred Action of Childhood Arrival (DACA).

  • Documented Scholarships

This log book has room to log maximum ten scholarships with blanks to fill in (i.e., Name of scholarship, due date, how to submit, required items to submit, and letters of recommendations) It has a twelve-month blank calendar to set reminders of due dates, both for homework and application deadlines and personal schedules. The log also contains of word art as tips for people in the process of applying, school, and life. In the inside back cover of the log, there is a list of local and national scholarships that do not require the applicant to be a U.S. citizen

  •  The Everything and Anything To-Do List Pad

 The pad consists of pre-existing blank boxes and lines for the students to write in any task they are planning to complete and/or any reminders.

  • Oblique Self – Care Strategy Cards

Inspired by the original Oblique Strategy Cards by Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt, the Undocumented Projects are looking at creating strategy cards to give advice on topics of ways of self-care.

  • Pencil

Is a customized pencil that says "Protection For All"

  • Emergency Protest Postcards

The anonymous postcards will be from a selected bunch from the Ready? Set? Go! typewriter intervention. These are for the student to send whenever they want to protest anonymously.  

  • Undocu – Ally Zine

Is a guide for people who want to become allies for undocumented immigrants. In the Kit, the zine is for the student to share with people who they feel need a starting point on how to be a good ally and advocate.

  • Free Write Journal

This journal can be used for notes, creative drawings, sketches, and more. 

  • Sanctuary Map

This map is an on going research project to identify sanctuary cities, counties, and states. The students are encourage to participate in the research by placing a silver star sticker on states that have sanctuary cities/counties. Some students that we have worked with showed interest due to not feeling safe when they traveled. 

  • Bookmark (Description of the Kit)


  • Survival Kit Dispenser

The wooden dispenser would ideally be installed in a high school counselor's office, a college's diversity office, or in a non-profit organization so students can comfortably take a Kit without disclosing any information about themselves. 


- If your school or organization is interested in ordering Survival Kits and a dispenser for your students, please contact us at -